Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday Feature-- Tootsie & Grace

One of the great things about having an Etsy shop is being introduced to talented artists and crafters (many of them stay-at-home moms like myself) all over the world. And since I am a mom (in fact I'm trying to tune out a 2-year-old nap protest tantrum as we speak) and am expecting another boy in February, I was drawn to Tootsie and Grace as my first Friday Feature. I love the variety and quality of Marisa's work--she sews, she paints, she crafts!

Here is my interview with Tootsie and Grace:

What's your name and where are you from?
My name is Marisa and I am from the Bay Area, CA (but temporarily
living in Austin, TX). In about 3 and a half months, we will be moving
to England! We hate moving, but it seems like we do it all the time!

Where does a lot of the inspiration for your work come from?
The inspiration for my work comes from my two daughters, Gracie
and Annelie ages two and eight months. I just adore them and love making
them wonderful things. I only began sewing in May of this year, and
quickly began making baby bibs. I decided to open Tootsie and Grace
because I loved making baby items so much.

Who encourages you most to do what you do?
My husband stands behind me and cheers me on in everything I do.
He is always the first person to say, "I love that. That is my
favorite painting/bib/toy you have ever made." And funny enough, he says that
about everything I make. He genuinely loves my stuff, and doesn't
mind that my fabric, thread, sewing machine, you name it, has completely
taken over our house. He even takes the girls out of the house on a
regular basis, so I can get some uninterrupted sewing done.

What goals/hopes/dreams do you have for your shop/craft over the next
five years?

Tootsie and Grace is a way for me to release my creativity and get
my itchy fingers on crafting material. I would go crazy if I didn't
have a creative outlet. As for my dreams, I am so busy as an at home
mom to my girls, that I just look at Tootsie and Grace as a way to bring
in some extra spending money (well, eventually. I need to make up my
materials cost first!!) while doing something I love. My main creative
goal in life is to become a published author/illustrator. I also think
designing a line of fabric and baby toy and clothing patterns would be
so much fun. I guess I will just have to see where life takes me,
once the girls are in school.

What are some of the challenges you face in running your own Etsy

I am going to be a disaster when taxes are due, of course. I am
also a total mess and have covered my house (in a very disorganized
manner) with all things crafty. And as for time to work... I don't have a
lot of it. It is hard juggling two babies, free time to sew, and the
promoting of my shop so that I can actually get my name out there and
sell. I end up with a lot of very late nights.

What's one thing you'd want readers to know about you and your work?

I put my heart into every item I make. Sometimes it is very hard
parting with something I love, because the majority of my stuff I
probably wont make again. But I am so happy knowing that there is going to be
a child wearing or playing with something that I made. My items are
definitely handmade with love for little ones!

Thanks, Marisa! And have a great weekend everyone!

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Arian! You captured my shop perfectly in the pictures you chose to feature. I can't wait to share this with everyone I know!