Monday, July 30, 2007

Set Pieces List with Sketches

Set Pieces for Wizard of Oz:

-Dorthy’s house (wagon); house approx. 11ft wide and 13ft tall
Storm door

- Kansas sky drop (approx 40x20)

-Gypsy Caravan (flat maybe with braces that fold out for support); approx 7’wide and 8’tall (see sketch)

Munchkin Land:
- 7 oval Astroturf-covered platforms with soft skirting
- 5 munchkin house flats
- ground row
- Astroturf/Yellow Brick Road mat (see rendering and sketch)

-Scarecrow’s perch (wagon—see sketch)

-Yellow brick road runner – fabric? Carpet? (40’ long, 4’ wide)

-Tinman’s house (wagon—see sketch above)

-Scary vines lauan cutouts (fly in)

Emerald City
- city gates (2 wagons—see rendering)
- Emerald City drop (40x20)
- Emerald City fountain flat
- Six folding “screens” (see sketch)

Oz’s Chamber
- projection screen (front—about 7’x7’) flys in with sparkly green curtain attached to bottom (see sketch)
- Oz’s control board wagon (see sketch)

Witch’s Castle
- castle wall (flies in –see rendering)
- platform (about 9’ wide and 6’ deep and 4’ tall)
- w/ 2 sets of stairs (one on side and one set of escape stairs in the back)
* the castle wall (minus the metal bars) and the platform walls should be covered with carved foam for stone-like texture

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