Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's Here!

I am soooo crazy busy this week with the kids show opening this weekend and a website I'm designing due tomorrow. I've gone to bed after 4:00am the past two nights. It just makes me more anxious to get my Etsy store finally ready for its grand opening. I have this feeling that if I can be doing more fine art and less graphic/web design then life will be a little slower, a little simpler. We'll see.

All that to say that I'm jazzed that my new printer arrived in the mail today! I got a great deal on a refurbished one from Epson. This is my answer to the question I've be researching regarding how/where to have my work printed. In the end I decided that taking the plunge and buying the printer to do it myself will pay for itself eventually (hopefully sooner than later), save my customers money (since I can offer them at a lower price than if I had them outsourced), and mean a much faster turn around time. It helps to have a tech-saavy husband to support me.

As I type this I am taking my new printer baby for a test run. Woohoo!

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