Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Soaking in Summer

Summer is alive and well in these parts--long days of nearly 100 degree temperatures with lots and lots of sunshine. Helloooo iced coffee!
Here is how we've been soaking in the season...
...lots of fresh veggies from the garden!

...cold drinks and some chill time at our favorite coffee shops

...sprucing up the front porch with pretty flowers, ferns, and a summery bunting Jude and I made

(Ikea chairs, vintage shower curtain turned tablecloth, giant vintage electrical wire spool, vintage bucket, and assorted succulents)
...playing indoors during the hottest hours

...downtown adventures

...and countryside retreats

Yes, we're doing our best to live fully in all that summer has to offer!

Hope you're staying cool wherever you are!


1 comment:

amy luella said...

great shots in vintage effect. that front porch bunting is so sweet!