Sunday, March 18, 2012


Oh man, I hope the weather where you are was as beautiful as it was here in Cincinnati. It was perfect. Hard to believe its technically still winter with all the flowers and green leaves popping out!

The boys started the day getting Hudson's first business endeavor off the ground--the Armstrong Tomato Company. He'll be selling 7 varieties of tomato seedlings for $1 each and has been working on his logo and order forms all day : )

Then a trip downtown to buy the vintage armchair I've been pining for since I first saw it last month. Yay!

Coolest used furniturewarehouse ever.

Then we hung out at a few of our favorite downtown spots!

Mmmm....Coffee Emporium.

A crocheted bicycle!

He loves me and my kisses, promise.

It was beautiful.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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Leslie said...

love your happy blog, and your illustrating. SO MUCH.
Super excited to find some of your free printables, but can't download the super boy one or the weekly one... any way they are somewhere else to download, I love them.
leslie autumn (at)
no spaces.

thank you so much... love your to do list too. :)