Thursday, January 19, 2012

Story Time

As much as I love reading to my boys, having a boy who can now read to us is pretty awesome too. Mummy mysteries, Transformer battles, pirate adventures...they all sound adorable when read aloud by a seven year old.

I think I'm gonna love being mommy to a band of brothers...being the "softest one" (as Jude calls me) in a house full of airplanes, dinosaurs, light sabers, and my little men in the making. I like being the softest one : ) The softest person in the whole "wood" (world), according to Jude.



Katrina (capturing moments) said...

LOVING that last photo.

VICKI IN AZ said...

these are wonderful! you will always be so glad you recorded days like today. at one time many years ago i had 3 boys and my oldest was 3. i wish i was more diligent at recording precious moments like this. xoxo

Bethany said...

Your art is so beautiful.

I have 4 boys (my second is a Jude)...I did get one princess sandwiched in between. I love that they call you the softest one. So sweet. Boys are fun!

Kelley Kronic said...

"the softest one" that is such a cute way to put it