Monday, March 7, 2011

EnterTRAINing Weekend

Daniel's wonderful parents took us all to EnterTRAINment Junction over the weekend to celebrate Jude's 3rd bday. It's a wonderland of model trains and fun house amusement. I knew Jude would LOVE it but I think we ALL had more fun than expected.
Jude was mesmerized by all the trains.

But my favorite was the fun house full of optical illusion rooms, mazes, etc.

The tilted room was soooo funny.

And this spinning tunnel totally messed with my mind. The walkway wasn't moving but the tunnel wall was spinning and I could NOT stand up straight. 
Mirror maze...craziness.

It was almost too much fun for sweet Jude to handle. He was out and drooling before we got back on the highway.
Thanks for such a fun Saturday, Nana and Pappy!!

Arian : )


liseli said...

Happy birthday Jude!

Foxy Lady said...

OMG, i ve just watched yr Noah video! you're gooood! love it. love it. love it!!! xxx

Foxy Lady said...

oh i was so excited about yr video that i forgot: happy bday Jude :)