Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome To My Dresser

My necklaces finally got a new home (other than just a tangled pile on my night stand). They now proudly reside on my dresser, which is old and belonged to someone in my family I well as my antique mirror, which is very old and weighs about the same as a small elephant.

Their new neighbors-- the sweet little thrifted green bowl and saucer, vintage handkerchief, and the pine cones that fell prey to one of my glitter frenzies last Christmas,

as well as my grandma's old Jergen's bottle. The smell of Jergen's lotion will forever remind me of Granny. Makes me wonder what smell will remind my grandchildren of me (hopefully it's a good one) ; )

The only thing missing from this little corner of our bedroom, I think, is a little bit more color. Looking a tad drab : ) Maybe a little DIY garland? Like one of these...



Gotta love the granny squares!

Ooooor, some of Anthropologie's amazing hardware. Any set of these would do the trick...

So pretty.

This post has me really wanting to buckle down and finally finish organizing and decorating our bedroom. : )

Btw, I'd love to see what you guys have done in decorating your own bedrooms---or bedrooms you've seen online that are really inspiring. Post links in the comment section and I will be sure to check them out!


Have a good one!


Lesley said...

we moved into our house in march and i'm still not done with our bedroom... so don't feel bad! :) i need a jewelry stand like that. so cute.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Arian! Here is Fabiana Caffé, I'm from BRAZIL! Okay? I
Using the google translator to write to you. Her blog is beautiful!
Congratulations! A big hug and much success to you!

Unknown said...

I just finished a fabric bunting for over our bed - I love it, my husband tolerates it, but it's still up, so I consider that a success!! You can see it here: