Monday, August 16, 2010

A Winner!

Geez, you guys are a beautifully hopeful bunch! Thanks for all your lovely comments. I hope all your hopes are fulfilled!

The winner is:

Jordan said... Hope. I Hope in something more. That one day I will be united with my God and Savior. That one day all of the battles in this life will be won. The Hope that all will be made new and all my scars will be healed. Living without Hope... what's living worth? Hope gets me through each Monday morning, each routine, and over each rising hurtle. This poster is just another reason to push forward. Thanks for your work... it is beautifully brilliant!

So, Jordan, shoot me an email at ArianArmstrong[at] and let me know where to send your print.

Hope you had an amazing weekend!

My weekend was...
homegrown tomatoes
a sweet thrifted top
back to (or rather first day of) school shoe shopping
a new bike!!
a bike date downtown
a bike ride along the Ohio River
along side good friends,
by big boats, slow trains
just taking it all in.

Arian : )

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