Monday, May 3, 2010

Creative Mom Interview

The lovely Evie S (designer, artist, crafter, mother, and freedom-fighter), just posted an interview with me as part of her creative mom series. I think she asked really great questions so check it out! And if you're a fellow artist/crafter, I encourage you to get involved in what she's doing at A Beautiful Idea. You can sign up to donate 100% of the sales of one/some of your products to World Vision's work in Haiti-- a little love for Haiti, a little exposure for you, it's a good thing all around!

And just as a reminder, here are the "A Beautiful Idea" products in my shop!

Hope your week is off to a good start!

Arian : )


ashlee said...

I found your blog through ashley campbell and i am blown away! I ADORE your paintings! if i were a painter i would want to create images just like yours. my hubby is fromm the newport cincy area so that makes me like you even more:) I am trying not to go bankrupt on your prints in your etsy shop because i want them all. :)

ashlee said...

wanted to let you know i wrote a blurb about you on my blog:)