Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas in the Carolinas

So many great photos from all our Christmas travels with family!! This is just a start. I'll hopefully be slowly adding them to flickr over the week or two.

We spent several days in North and South Carolina with my dad, step-mom, most of my step-sisters, their handsome significant others, a new baby, and one on the way!
Sooo cute : )

Warm smiles, baby giggles, sweet smells, Christmas lights, ocean waves, hooded sweatshirts and sandy footprints, driving through the mountains of West Virginia, a 15-passenger van, grits, fluffy white hotel beds, games, a farris wheel, roasting marshmallows outdoors...a blended family that blends quite beautifully---it was a Merry Christmas.

Christmas in Kentucky pics still to come...

arian : )

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Wendi said...

"a blended family that blends quite beautifully"----well said. I often think the same of my blended family.