Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter Wonderlands

I've had a design crush on Anna Melcon Bond for several years, ever since her days as a designer for Relevant Magazine. Every once and awhile her name will come to mind and I will google her to check and see if her online store is up yet. And finally, IT IS!!
Seriously, this girl's stuff is amazing---her photography, her show poster art, event design...
It looks like there is still a little time left for Christmas orders if you find something you like in her shop (and how could you not?!)

Cute prints!
I think I want to get these botanical cards and frame them

or these...or all of them. So hard to choose!

We've been crafting it up around here. There is a fine coat of glitter covering just about every surface, paper scraps littering the floors like fake snow, fake snow also littering the floors : ) , paper chains, ribbon, tape, glue...the good stuff.

There's still so much I want to make though so I am trying to prioritize. When the Christmas decorations go down, I think the snowy decorations will go up. These photos have me dreaming and planning of making our place a post-Christmas winter wonderland...

Instructions here.


From Elf. We watched it last night. Hudson thought it was hilarious. I loved all the paper chains and snowflakes.


I've gotta stay up late tonight to finish some commissioned work. Stay cozy!

Arian : )

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sonya audrey said...

Those cards are adorable and very frame-worthy! :)