Friday, December 18, 2009

I'll sleep in 2010.

It's 10pm. I just now got 30+ print orders from Relevant Magazine's sale....mad dash to order more ink and paper....helloooo overnight shipping costs. But the night is young. I'm off to Target for some last minute Christmas shopping and then on to my sister's new house. They are moving in as we speak and trying to get ready for lots of out of town guests who will be sleeping in their brand new (to them) home tomorrow night. So I'm going over to help unpack. Then back home to print orders. Something tells me I will see the sun rise in the morning. I think I hear coffee calling my name.

Sleep well. I'll hold the fort down for ya. : )


1 comment:

the RELEVANT Team said...

We love your work! Thanks for participating and we hope you get some sleep *before* 2010. :)