Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cozy Does It

It's a cozy, cozy work day around here (the best kind!). Cleaning and organizing doesn't seem so bad when there is Christmas music in the background, the smell of Christmas candles wafting throughout the house, and the glow of the Christmas tree lighting up the corner of the room. We're staying warm and being productive...

Making sure everyone is snug and feeling loved...

Organizing all my printing and shipping supplies (a clean studio/bedroom is a happy one)

Working on a few more Christmas crafts...

And putting the finishing touches on the tree.

But nothing is as cozy as snuggling with a newborn baby!!! We met our new nephew last night!

Such a big expression for such a tiny sound!
Closing out his second day in the world right where he should be--in mommy's arms : ) : )

Hope your space is just as cozy!
Arian : )

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This Thrifted Life said...

There is something about Christmas tree lights that just makes me feel as if I am *home.* There's such a peace to them for me. We put up our tree (and strung the lights) today and it seriously lifted my spirits. :)