Saturday, December 19, 2009


SHEW!!! What a year! It's been almost exactly 365 days since we made the move from Boston back home to Cincinnati. We came here with a plan (funny how those things rarely turn out like you think they will). But this year has been about redefining the Armstrong definitions of family, work, friendship, home, church, finances, food, well....most things. It's been quite the ride and I'm so happy where the ride has brought us so far.

So many feelings of being vulnerable starting off in this new place. We were living in a borrowed home, then in the basement when the our homeowning friends came back. Our source of income was uncertain. Bank account was getting lower. Business plans didn't work out like we thought. What were we supposed to be doing here?! We asked ourselves that a lot.

This book I made pretty much summed up the emotions:
(Umbrellas continued to be the theme through out the year.)

But all the new friendships we made seemed to go deep fast, helping us build a stronger foundation for when storms came.

We buckled down, we trusted, we worked hard...very hard, and we shared all our fears and hopes with the people that surrounded us.

and sometimes we felt crushed....but it was just that we were being know, that whole potter and the clay thing. The Potter knows what he's doing. And we're getting to see some of the fruits of His labor. And they are preeeeetty sweet.

More soon.
Arian : )

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