Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thanks Guys!!

Thanks for the successful BOGO Sale, guys! I hope those of you who wanted to partake partook. I will probably have one more around the second week of December to finish up the holiday shopping season.

Alas, with lots of sales comes lots of printing, shipping, and packing (I don't know how those BIG etsy sellers do it! They're shipping like crazy every day!)

So it's gonna be a late one for me tonight. Getting prints off to their new homes and working to meet my next book deadline which, BY THE WAY, is now available for pre-orders on Amazon. I admit, it feels pretty cool to be on Amazon. But there's still MUCH to be done so don't go wait by your mailboxes just yet. Get your pre-order in, grab a cup of coffee, find something good on tv, and wait 9 months.

We went Christmas shopping tonight and somehow managed to come home with only things I bought for myself. Hey, it happens. Now the white hat I wear aaaaall the time has a couple new friends. I think they're going to get along juuust fine.

Alright, time to start cranking up the printer! Goooodnight!

Arian : )

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