Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Costume Designs

I recruited Daniel to do some costume design sketches for the book and in true Daniel fashion, he went all out with these full-colored, highly-detailed renderings that were even more spectacular than I expected them to be. He's so talented (and good-looking too) ; )
In the book we detail how these seemingly complicated designs could actually be pulled off by someone with little costume-making experience. Most of the elements needed to create these outfits (or ones similar) can be thrifted and augmented or found around your house. But you'll just have to wait til the book comes out to find out how! : )

Said Daniel is sick in bed right now which is a bummer because he's missing all the Thanksgiving festivities with his family. Hopefully all the sleep he's been getting will get him back on his feet soon or come Thursday we'll have to just slide his turkey and pumpkin pie under the bedroom door. And nobody wants to see that.

I think my sketching and crafting to-do list for tomorrow is a bit unrealistic, especially with the Mr. being down and out. But we'll see!

Arian : )

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Mr. Cheng Weng said...

arian, just want you to know that i've been getting your updates via RSS and it's been good... feels like i know what's going on w/ your family and you. sorry for not being better w/ my updates. :p but i read your post and can relate to Daniel -- i'm also sick. :( Actually had to come back early from work...

... all these without Thanksgiving festivities. :(

i miss Thanksgiving.