Friday, October 30, 2009

Soakin In Fall--Yellow & Orange!

Fall in the backyard! Our backyard is tiny but it's beautiful and we love it. We ate lunch outside and played in the leaves and soaked in all the yellow and orange!

Ah, brothers.
Speaking of yellow and orange, check out this cute little purse my sister-in-law made for me! Thanks, Mindy!
But now I must remain here at this computer for a mad dash to meet deadlines. At least I can keep the door open and still enjoy a bit of the warm, fall breeze!

We're skipping town again this weekend to Halloween it up with family in the country. Hope you have a good weekend!

Arian : )


miss moose said...

If 'happiness' was going to be summed up by photographs, these would be it :-)

...mmm... said...

I just had to say how much I LOVe your blog design. Soooo cute. I found you through "Smile and Wave" that was featured in this issue's "artful Blogging" magazine. They seriously need to feature you btw. You are very creative indeed. Love it.

...mmm... said...

Can you add a followers sidebar gadget btw? thanks.