Tuesday, January 13, 2009

In The House That Art Builds

I'm really grateful for our borrowed home. But someday when we have our own house, I hope it's one that is paid for, inspired by, and filled with art. I got a little glimpse of this in the quiet afternoon while Jude slept...
Hudson was sitting in his Batman chair, watching Batman cartoons, drawing Batman in his Batman notebook with Batman markers. It's actually pretty unusual that he wasn't also dressed like Batman.

Here's his drawing of Jude (dressed like Batman) holding on to Hudson (also dressed like Batman)'s cape.

Meanwhile, Daniel was sketching away on the new Cintique that just arrived. We love having him work from home now! Hudson has learned so much about drawing and design just in the week Daniel has been working here. Now if we can just get him to branch out a little from Batman. I asked him to draw a picture of me and he did...me dressed like Batman.

And I was working on finishing my pieces for that benefit show coming up next month. I'll be sure to show you the final products soon.

It's a snowy, cozy, hot cocoa kind of morning here. Hope you're warm and cozy where you are too.


Angela said...

So cool. The creativity just oozes out of you guys! Love it.

Anonymous said...

sweet batman chair!

Heidi said...

saw a bunch of batman stuff today in the dollar bins at target and thought of you. in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I saw your piece at the Fifth Avenue Gallery when I was in Florida last week on vacation and loved it! (should have bought it) Funny that I first encountered your art in Florida when I live in Boston as well. But it's great to find a new artist that I like. Do you only sell prints on Etsy, or do you sell originals as well?

Arian said...

Thanks Matt! I'm just now starting to get into the whole "selling originals" thing. The Fifth Avenue Gallery event was really only my second time participating in a gallery show. But I'm planning on doing a lot more, both locally (we just moved from the Boston area to the Cincinnati area) and on Etsy. Thanks for the encouragement!