Monday, December 1, 2008

21 Days til departure!! We're moving from the Boston area to the Cincinnati area so I'm having a BIG MOVING/HOLIDAY B.O.G.O. (Buy One Get One) SALE in my shop to 1. raise money for the move (apparently moving trucks DO NOT grow on trees... who knew!) 2. get rid of all my inventory and supplies and 3. offer YOU some great deals for those art-lovers on your gift list.

"Why in the world would you move 1/2 way across the country with 2 little kids 4 days before Christmas?" I'm glad you asked. -- My husband and his brother are going to be starting a company called Stringthink. Though he can explain it better than me, it's basically a narrative design firm.

"A what??"

A narrative design firm. They are an author & illustrator/designer duo with incredible creativity and a passion for story-telling. So they'll be doing everything from creating graphic novels to screenplays to childrens' books, novels, and so on.

Hence the B.O.G.O. Sale. So grab a cup o' tea, pop in that Boys II Men Christmas tape, and hop on over to the shop : )


Angela said...

So excited for you guys! Best of luck with the new business. Happy moving!

Anonymous said...

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