Monday, November 24, 2008

Print Your Own GIft Tags

I just added these gift tags to the shop in the form of a "Print Your Own" PDF. When you purchase, I email you the PDF so you can print as many as you'd like for all the gifts you give this holiday season.
I'm working on having these available for purchase as a pack as well. But if you've got a good printer and a decent pair of scissors, the pdf might be the way to go!

Happy wrapping!


Anonymous said...

Hey Arian,
Just wanted to let you know that anyone can right click and save the gift tags on their computer (bystepping purchasing them). If there is any way to change that, I'm sure you would want to (I would).

Arian said...

Thanks for lookin out for me Lauren, good point : ) I watermarked it up!

Dorothee-Maria said...

That's so very beautiful.
I have just added your shop to my favorites.
Before long I'll do some shopping over there... :)