Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm A Social Reject : )

I'm a regular "Design Sponge Blog" reader so when I heard that Grace, the Design Sponge herself, was running one of her Biz Ladies Meetups in Boston, I thought I should go. The Meetups are a series of get-togethers she holds in big cities across the U.S. for women who run design/art businesses to connect with each other and learn about the ins and outs of "the biz" (as we in "the biz" call it ) : )

I had hopes of introducing myself to Grace, congratulating her on her engagement, snapping a photo of the two of us for my blog, maybe casually slipping her my business card. But come to find out, I am PAINFULLY SHY! I just kind of awkwardly hovered around her group the whole night taking fake sips out of my already empty cup. sigh. :) The closest I came to a blog-worthy photo is this one--Grace in the distance with her back turned. Nice.

Nonetheless, I'm really glad I went and learned a lot! I left encouraged to get my work out there and start giving my little art business the credit it deserves (i.e. getting it's own bank account, aiming to get featured in big magazines, etc). If you run your own art/design business or would like to, all the notes can be downloaded here.


Hey! Got my "pic with Grace" afterall. I spotted this on Apartment Therapy today--that's me in the bottom right corner in light blue.

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Mom2fur said...

I think you have a lot of company, myself included! I also think it's awesome you went in the first place. Even if I could make myself go to something like that (I don't even like going to parties but will force myself if it is a good friend), I could never, ever, ever walk up to someone I didn't know and say 'hi.'
The funny thing is, most people are nice, as I'm sure Grace is! Maybe she was even a little nervous herself.
You could chalk this up to a babystep, and know you'll be braver next time around. And in the meantime, it sounds like it was a wonderful learning experience!