Monday, May 5, 2008

In Silhouette

As I mentioned earlier, I've been slowly collecting vintage childrens books for inspiration and eventually decoration in the boys' bedroom. So this weekend I picked up "The Sleeping Beauty" illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I love that the all the illustrations, minus the cover, are done in silhouette. I love the detail, the play with positive and negative space, and the characters. It's worth flipping through if you can find it at your local library.

Speaking of silhouettes (if all goes well!) I'll be offering a few "Pretty Little Faith" shirts in my shop in a couple weeks. Tomorrow I'll ship the shirts off to a girl in California who has offered to silk screen them for me. Here's a photoshop mock up. There are only a few shirts in this round so if you're interested, make sure to check back often and snatch one up!

Annnd I'm usually not a huge "You've GOTTA watch this youtube video!" kind of person but you've GOTTA watch this youtube video! : ) It's in keeping with the silhouette theme of today's post and it's pretty darn amazing.

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sarah cool said...

oh ! i am also not a youtube person. but i watched this and it was GREAT! so cool.