Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Our Way!

We're leaving in an hour to go to the hospital. I'm scheduled to be induced in the morning. We knew little Armstrong had been "in the oven" too long when his kindergarten teacher sent us some of this makeup work so he won't be too far behind his class once he's born : )

Grammy just arrived from Ohio to keep Hudson company and already Hudson has painted a pretty scary picture of us as parents...

Riding home from the airport:
Hudson: "Um, excuse me, Grammy?"
Grammy: "Yes, Hudson?"
Hudson: "I've got straps on my bed."
Grammy: "You do?"
Hudson: "Yeah, it's so I don't move around in bed."

(Alright, wait a sec. Hudson's been fascinated with astronauts recently and saw a video clip of them straping into bed in the shuttle and now likes to pretend HE has an astronaut bed. We do NOT strap our son to his bed)

Then as we walked in the door...
Hudson: "Grammy, I have hookers in my room. Do you want to put your coat on my hookers? They're in my room. Wanna see my hookers?"

(Coat HOOKS, Hudson, they're called coat HOOKS)

Then Grammy presented Hudson with her trademark array of tiny presents--an egg that hatches a tiny dinosaur when in water, a tiny tiny Bible, and tiny hammer on a key chain (aka choking hazards ; )

While Grammy was getting settled in, Hudson took the tiny tiny Bible into nap time with him. After awhile I could hear him singing and talking instead of sleeping...
Me: "Hudson, go to sleep."
Hudson:" But I'm singing about the Bible!!"
Me: "No, you need to go to sleep."
(a few minutes later, still more singing and talking)
Me: "Hudson! You need to put down that Bible and go to sleep!"
Hudson: "But I need to read..ABOUT..JESUS!!!"

Great. What kind of mom am I?

Baby pics coming soon hopefully!

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