Thursday, November 8, 2007

These Caught My Eye...

You know you've found a good Etsy shop when you find yourself taking the time to look closely at each item in the store, even if the list goes on for pages. Here are three lovely jewelers who caught my eye during my search for stand-out work to feature in my blog.

The Empty Nest's vintage typewriter jewelry is what first caught my eye in its currently 17 pages (!) of items for sale. Second was the variety of items offered. From stone faucets to pocket mirrors Lisa achieves variety without sacrificing quality.

When I asked her what she liked most about her work she answered, "It is a definite creative outlet for me. The best thing I like about making my whimsical pieces are the comments I hear from customers about their purchases. It really does make me smile when they tell me how their purchase was the perfect gift for that special person in their life, either being a family member, friend, or something for themself."

Next on my list is That Jewelry Girl. There is something so regal about the jewelry she designs I wonder if I'm worthy of wearing something as Victorian-chic as her pieces. Each item is so unique it's hard to pick which photos to share here.

What does she want people who come across her shop to know about her?

"That I'm just a girl doing what she loves! Also, that every single piece of my jewelry is made with love and utmost care."

Equally as stunning is Ophelia's Jewels.

"I like feeling of starting out with a mix of beads and wire that have no shape or form on their own, and then creating something out of them that surprises me. That doesn't happen all the time, but I love it when it does! The process of creating jewelry is also very relaxing for me. It makes me focus on something that's not traditional work, which can be a very good thing!"

Thanks, ladies, for taking the time to answer my questions and to create such beautiful work :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful picks, Arian!

Unknown said...

How beautiful!! You have made some gorgeous pick, Arian! I can't wait to check out the shops now!

Unknown said...

Thanks Arian for featuring me - I am so honored!